Meet the Librarian

Hello & welcome to my blog!


My name is Ms. LaCaze and I’m the writer behind these book reviews. I originally created this blog for my Literature for Children and Young Adults class at Texas Woman’s University. Later I went on to use it in a few more courses, and now I just use it for fun. I’ve taught all over the state of Texas, but I’m now a middle school librarian in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. If I’m reading for pleasure I enjoy young adult novels, realistic fiction, and true crime. When I’m not working or reading (which, let’s be honest, when is that?) I enjoy spending time with my family all across the continent from Texas to Canada! I grew up in a military family, but I call Louisiana home. I’m fortunate enough to be the mom to two amazing little boys: my son, Brogan (2012) & my stepson, Rylee (2011).  My significant other, Andrew (1989) , is basically my third child. But I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I also love owls, every single show on HGTV, the color orange, documenting my ever-changing kiddos via excessive photographs, and Asian cuisine! Have a look around and feel free to recommend books to me!

Ms. LaCaze

PS: Some of my reviews that I did for graduate school are no longer viewable on this blog (I just marked them as private). So if you’re a TWU student and you wanted to see these posts to get an idea about what you’re supposed to do, leave a reply below with your email address and I’d be happy to share them with you. These posts include: Falling Hard, Seeing the Blue Between, Awful Ogre Running Wild, Dark Emperor, Seeing Emily, The Friendly Four, Carver: A Life in Poems,  Remember the Bridge, The Tree That Time Built, I Haiku You, Bing Bang Boing, Please Bury Me in the Library, Hip Hop Speaks to Children, The Brimstone Journals, Calvin Can’t Fly, Beast Feast, The Llama Who Had No Pajama, Swamp Angel, The Three Pigs, Just a Minute, Millions of Cats, Duck for President, and Grandpa Green.


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