OCD Love Story by Corey Ann Haydu

Bibliographic Citation:
Haydu, Corey Ann. (2013) OCD Love Story. New York, NY: Simon Pulse. ISBN 9781442457324.

Image from Amazon.com

Plot Summary
Bea is a teenage girl struggling with anxiety issues related to her obsessive-compulsive disorder. When she meets Beck during a blackout at a dance, she immediately knows he is her kind of crazy but she never sees his face. Bea sees a therapist, Dr. Pat, who helps her cope with life after a bad breakup and manage her compulsions. Dr. Pat suggests Bea attend a group therapy session where she sees Beck for the first time. Together the two embark on a troubled and OCD riddled romance with Beck as a gym rat, germaphobe and Bea with stalking tendencies. Together the two get better and worse and better again as they make breakthroughs and fall for each other.

Critical Analysis:
OCD Love Story is a first person narrative told from Bea’s prospective. While it isn’t technically written as a journal, although that would make sense for Bea, it has a journal-like feel to the text. Bea is a personable character at times, but she is more often than not hard to sympathize with. When she became infatuated with Austin and Sylvia and begins stalking them, she becomes even less relatable. At first when she is just driving by their apartment you don’t see any harm in her actions, but when she starts talking to them and making up stories for why she is where she is or even who she is, your feelings for her are strained.

Overall this book was very enjoyable. The pace kept it interesting and I finished it quickly. My range of emotions went from interested, horrified, embarrassed, scared and worried and because I was on the edge of my seat and constantly wondering what Bea would do next, I kept reading. It was a welcome change from traditional love stories.


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